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Becca Houghton

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Becca offers pathways for awakening to and connecting with one’s self, others, and the natural world through meditation, embodiment, plant connection, bird language, wildlife tracking, and ayurvedic wisdom, but perhaps most importantly: through play, exploration, and adventure. She guides groups, individuals, and folks in relationships (inclusive to those who identify as non-monogamous). She and her husband Dave also provide nature-based RP retreats at their remote mountainside property in Northern New England. Becca is a lifelong student but has accumulated a few relevant qualifications along the way: Registered Maine Guide (wilderness guide), Board Certified Ayurveda Health Counselor, MovNat Certified Trainer (natural movement coach), Reiki III practitioner, SOLO-certified Wilderness First Responder, Mom. 207-333-9632. For retreats:

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