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Online gatherings

Next meeting date: TBD, early Fall 2024

In the Teacher Community Zoom room (see any Teacher Community email for the link)

This February and June (2024) we had our first online gatherings for the whole Teacher Community. We used Open Space Technology to create our own agendas in real time. This led to thoughtful small-group discussions with topics like nature & RP, LGBTQ, therapist-client relationships, RP and grief, Communities of Color, and accessibility. It seemed to go really well, so we'll plan to have these gatherings quarterly.

Most gatherings will work best for time zones in the Americas / Europe / Western Asia, but some will work for the Americas / East Asia / AUS / NZ.

We don't record these gatherings, but we do share a link to the notes afterwards in a Teacher Community email.

Online gatherings for the whole Teacher Community -
meeting quarterly

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