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Frequently Asked Questions

  • The link to the Teacher Community Zoom Room is in the signature of every Teacher Community email from Bonnie (starting late January 2024).

    If you're serving as Zoom host for a Teacher Community event, search your email for "claim host" to find that code.

  • To join the email group ("Realization Process Teacher Network" on Google Groups), you need to join the Teacher Community. That form will give you the option to join the email group.

    If you're already a member of the Teacher Community, you can request to join the email group by signing in to Google and going to and clicking either "Accept Invitation" or "Ask to Join Group". You can also email Travis Rumsey or contact the admin team.  

  • Welcome! Click here to fill out the form to join. 

  • Try checking your spam folder or "All Mail" folder. It may help to add the emails "bonnie at this website" and "info at this website" to your contacts so our emails don't go to spam in the first place.   

    If the email isn't in your spam, please get in touch

  • Sorry about that!

    Try checking your spam folder or "All Mail" folder. If the messages are going to spam, and you're using gmail, you can try dragging the message that went to spam from that folder into your Primary folder. You can also (in most email programs) add the email address of the Google Group to your contacts. You can find that address by going to and logging in.

    If you're not seeing the messages in your spam or "all mail" folders, please contact Jen Finch or Travis Rumsey or get in touch with the admin team. 

  • Please email "bonnie" at "this website" or "info" at "this website" and we'll answer your question as soon as we can (this is an all-volunteer organization, so it may take a few days).

  • Thanks for asking! Click here for our GoFundMe for startup costs. 

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