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To join the email group, you need to be a member of the Teacher Community. If you're already a member, see our intro emails or FAQ for how to join.

Email group

To join our community, please fill out the short survey here. This is the starting point for you to access all of our resources. It lets us know who you are, what you’re interested in, and what information we should send you.

Join us

Keep an eye on our Events page for special and recurring Teacher Community events. We also have a page listing classes & workshops by teachers, for teachers. Please feel free to share any events that quality.


Still in the works! Right now we're just sending periodic update emails about the Teacher Community itself. To make sure you're getting those emails, please add the email addresses "bonnie at this website" and "info at this website" to your contacts.


Frequently asked questions are addressed on the FAQ page.


If you can, please donate to help with Teacher Community start-up costs.


Still have questions? Feel free to send us an email.

Get in touch

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