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This team either does the day-to-day work or is on call for general advice​.

Admin team & general support

This team moderates our email group, the Realization Process Teacher Network (RPTN).

Email group

This team facilitates the LGBTQ+ discussion group.

LGBTQ+ RP teacher community

This team facilitates discussion about nature and RP and organizes outdoor activities during in person gatherings.

Nature group

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Volunteer bios

Barbara enjoys offering immersive experiences in one on one and small group settings to support people to inhabit the space of their body and attune to fundamental consciousness. Possibilities include stand up paddle boarding, kayaking, cross country skiing, hiking, conscious creative expression and specialized travel. Barbara has a rich background in nondual meditation and community service. She attended Boston College for both her undergraduate and graduate studies earning a BA in Economics and History, and a Master's degree in Education (specializing in Religious Education). Please visit to learn more.

Fully Certified Realization Process Teacher
Sturbridge (Central), Massachusetts and Online

Newsletter, Website

Barbara Veale Smith

Becca offers pathways for awakening to and connecting with one’s self, others, and the natural world through meditation, embodiment, plant connection, bird language, wildlife tracking, and ayurvedic wisdom, but perhaps most importantly: through play, exploration, and adventure. She guides groups, individuals, and folks in relationships (inclusive to those who identify as non-monogamous). She and her husband Dave also provide nature-based RP retreats at their remote mountainside property in Northern New England. Becca is a lifelong student but has accumulated a few relevant qualifications along the way: Registered Maine Guide (wilderness guide), Board Certified Ayurveda Health Counselor, MovNat Certified Trainer (natural movement coach), Reiki III practitioner, SOLO-certified Wilderness First Responder, Mom. 207-333-9632. For retreats:

Certified Healing Ground and Meditation Teacher
Northwestern Maine and Online

Newsletter, General support

Becca Houghton

Bonnie (she / her) is coordinating the launch of the Teacher Community and plans to serve as Director for its initial phase.
Bonnie has been teaching yoga and meditation for more than 15 years, studying various modalities for 25+. In her teaching, she blends technical know-how with humor and compassion to support each student’s own unique practice. Adults of all experience levels, ages, backgrounds, body sizes, and genders are welcome. Bonnie holds a BA from Yale (Humanities, summa cum laude) and PhD from UCLA (English Literature with a focus on stories about the environment). For more information, go to

Fully Certified Realization Process and Stillness Moving Teacher
Washington, DC and Online

Director (pro tem)

Bonnie Foote, PhD, E-RYT 500

Candace has actively explored embodiment since finding yoga and meditation in 1973. She experienced a spontaneous embodied nondual awakening in 1983 as her 35’ sailing vessel, Avaiki, carried her 2800 miles across the Pacific Ocean. Amidst constant chaotic movement, a feeling/seeing of being centered in/as still spaciousness immanent in sky, ocean, boat, and beings, unexpectedly became constant. The lived experience evaporated whenever returning to land. She sold her boat in 2007. In 2010 she discovered Judith Blackstone’s Realization Process, and that at-sea-like-lived experience. Candace’s passion is using RP to help people stabilize as/in an on-going lived experience of fundamental consciousness. For more information, go to

Realization Process Senior Teacher / Teacher Trainer

Newsletter, Senior Teacher advisor

Candace Cave

Dave is a lifelong outdoorsman with a passion for outdoor pursuits like tracking and awareness. He graduated from UNH Outdoor Education and Antioch NE with an MBA in Sustainability. Dave has been an entrepreneur, small business advisor, professor, and wilderness guide. Guiding groups and mentoring individuals toward a more nature-connected lifeway has led him to the embodied practices of the Realization Process. Dave and his wife Becca are offering RP nature-focused retreats at their property along the Magalloway River in Maine. Dave is a Registered Maine Guide, Wilderness Medicine Instructor, EMT, MovNat Trainer, and Volunteer Fire Chief for his small town. 207.670.1118

Certified Healing Ground and Meditation Teacher
Northwestern Maine and Online

General support

Dave Boynton

Gina is a licensed professional counselor in the United States and Canada. She has worked in the education and helping profession for over 25 years. Gina integrates Eastern and Western holistic somatic and energy healing practices such as Polyvagal Theory and Realization Process to help her clients find safety, stillness, and wholeness. Gina works with clients who are struggling with issues related to symptoms of trauma, family relationships, cultural/ racial identity, and spirituality. She invites her clients to see how working with their nervous systems and their own intergenerational trauma histories can help to facilitate their individual and communal healing.

Fully Certified Realization Process Teacher
Canada, United States and Online

General support & co-facilitator of RP Communities of Color

Gina Kiem, M.Ed, MA, LPC

Jan is a craniosacral therapist and certified Feldenkrais practitioner with more than 25 years of experience in manual and somatic therapies. She offers in-person and online instruction of the Realization Process practices and Healing Ground Trauma Repair sessions with the aim of helping people to find stability and support to live fully as their authentic selves and share their gifts with the world. She specializes in working with highly sensitive individuals, and in helping anyone interested in attuning more precisely to their subtle self.

Fully Certified Realization Process Teacher /
Realization Process Trauma Repair Therapist

Healing Ground exchanges

Jan Young

In the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson, “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” As a Realization Process, Somatic Experiencing, trauma-focused psychotherapist, Jennifer holds over two decades of frontline healthcare experience, and conducts workshops and trainings around the globe. She brings a sincere and profound bio-psycho-social-spiritual application to help instill transformative change so you can find out who you truly are and live confidently in this world. For more information on public speaking engagements, private sessions, courses, and retreats:;

Fully Certified Realization Process Teacher
Atlanta, GA and Online

Email group

Jennifer Finch, LPC, SEP

Hi all, I'm Judit from Hungary. In 2011, at age 19, I met Tibetan Buddhism where I was introduced to the concepts of true refuge, the preciousness of human life and the privilege to meditate for the benefit of all. Since then I've been on a journey exploring various spiritual systems and healing modalities. I've also been inspired by the possibilities of peer exchange. I've been involved with the Realization Process since 2020. For me it unites many aspects dear to my heart: the space, the body, emotional healing, individuation, Earth connection and so much more to be uncovered. Contact:

Realization Process Healing Ground Teacher & Practitioner

Peer exchange directory

Judit Nagy

Katie offers meditations and movement for tension & trauma release, deep healing and self discovery through Realization Process, TRE and Yin Yoga. Along with her RP training, she has been a yoga teacher since 2005, a yoga nidra guide since 2016, and has advanced trainings in TRE for chronic illness, back issues, and first responders. Katie has personal experience in the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Chemical Sensitivities journey and offers personalized guidance and support through these challenges. Katie creates a comfortable space for individuals to utilize the modalities that resonate with them for self-directed healing and awakening.,

Certified Meditation, Embodiment, and Empathic Ground Teacher Arlington, MA and Online

Member engagement

Katie DiChiara

Melea has been holding space for other humans for nearly 20 years as a birth and postpartum doula, Shiatsu therapist, and now as an acupuncturist and clinical herbalist. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Visual and Critical Studies from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and a Master of Science in Acupuncture with a Chinese Herbal Medicine Specialization from Pacific College in Chicago. She has practiced acupuncture since 2015, offering care to communities in Indiana, Michigan, and now Kansas. Melea uses physical medicine and more subtle tools like Qi Gong & Realization Process practices to help others uncover more ease in their bodies and lives.,

Fully Certified Realization Process Teacher

Healing Ground exchanges, peer exchange directory

Melea Britt Alexander

Thomas (he/him) is a Realization Process teacher, personal development coach, learning consultant and expressive arts therapist in training. His mission is helping folks from diverse backgrounds find their authentic self while navigating change and complexity. Thomas has years of experience co-designing and delivering coaching and training programs for individuals and groups in private, non-profit and educational organizations. Through partnerships with researchers and organizations, he also works with youth and adults in Toronto who experience intersectional challenges. As a mixed-heritage Asian-Canadian, he is a proud member of the RP Teachers' Communities of Color group. You can learn more about Thomas and his work at

Certified Embodiment and Healing Ground Teacher, Toronto and online

General support & co-facilitator of RP Communities of Color

Thomas Lai

Travis’s primary focus when guiding RP is to show the everyday practicality of RP to bring relief from the friction of modern life. With an emphasis on making RP accessible for everyone, Travis facilitates the RP experience with an emphasis on gentleness and ease. He teaches Realization Process practice to individuals and groups, both in-person and online, as well as in retreat settings in nature. Connect with him or view upcoming offerings at

Fully Certified Realization Process Teacher
Denver, CO and Online

Email group

Travis Rumsey

  • Candace Cave

  • Ezra Maurer

  • Jennifer Finch

  • Joy Collins

  • Roma Hammel

  • Sono Hashisaki

  • Theresa Scott

Thanks to these Senior Realization Process Teachers for their support and advice:

Senior Teacher advisors

This team organizes monthly gatherings for Healing Ground Training graduates to give and receive sessions.

Healing Ground exchanges

This team organizes and facilitates the RP Communities of Color group.

RP Communities of Color

Coming soon

Peer exchange directory

  • Bonnie Foote

This team organizes weekly online practice teaching -- all Realization process teachers welcome.

Practice teaching

This team reaches out to new members and works to support member engagement.

Member engagement

This team will organize annual in person gatherings.

In person gatherings

Our monthly newsletter will launch within the next few months. 


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