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About us

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The Realization Process Teacher Community is a new peer network for people who have graduated from at least one Realization Process teacher training. For the main Realization Process website, see here:

We started by sending out a survey to teacher training graduates in November of 2023, and we reached 100 members in January of 2024. Right now we're processing the feedback from last November's survey, setting up our "backbone" programs so we can all stay in touch with each other, and reaching out to the people who offered to volunteer. See our News & Articles page for more details, or join us to get our emails, including Zoom links for our events. (... and please make sure to put "bonnie@ this website" and "info@ this website" in your contacts so our emails don't go to spam!)

Gathering together, growing together


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We value the Realization Process and agree to respect Judith Blackstone’s work. We also agree to respect each other’s work, including other modalities and creative innovations. 

We work to make this community welcoming to all. We ask about, speak up for, and balance everyone’s needs as best we can. We do our best to understand and value everyone’s experiences and perspectives. We also respect and value each other’s time, energy, and attention.

We understand that we, our work, and RP itself are not perfect or universal, and we recognize the inevitability and importance of doubts, critiques, disagreements, and mistakes. We hold each other and all beings in utmost respect, as equals, even in difficult moments. 

We practice professional confidentiality. We do not share identifiable information outside of any group in which it is offered. We also practice professional courtesy: we credit other people’s ideas where we can.

We are grateful for and we celebrate each other, the space in which we meet, and the work that all of us do.

NOTE: This is a preliminary draft! Feedback is welcome.

We do expect Teacher Community members to follow the principles and policies we each agreed to when we signed up for Realization Process teacher trainings, as well as the Honor Code(s) from the Association for Spiritual Integrity and the specific guidelines for our various programs (the email group, practice teaching, etc).

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Get involved

Discover how you can participate in the Realization Process Teacher Community:
Learn more about our current volunteers:
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