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New workshops, meeting recap, and next steps

Drum roll please! We'll kick off our professional support offerings in late April / early May, with two online workshops just for Teacher Community members. Candace Cave will offer "Maps for Skillfully Navigating RP Classes and Workshops" to help you design and teach stellar group offerings, and Brooke Thomas will share "Relational Practice Building" to help you grow your client base without feeling like a door-to-door salesman. See our events page for more details.

Our first online Community gathering was wonderful -- huge thanks to Sono Hashisaki and Theresa Scott for sorting out the facilitation logistics, and thank you so much to the 30+ teachers who participated with such open hearts and minds. See below for the recap, next steps, and our next meeting date.

Meeting recap & what's next

Meeting recap

Creating our own agenda led to thoughtful small-group discussions with topics like nature & RP, LGBTQ, and accessibility. Click on the button below to see a summary of all the groups' notes.

Next steps

Click below to see suggestions for how you can reach out to fellow teachers and create your own groups and / or activities (link in email). You can use our contact information spreadsheet, email group, Zoom room, and more.

Online Practice Teaching

Learn more and let us know what would work best for you

Online Healing Ground Exchanges

Learn more and let us know what would work best for you

Remember to check out our upcoming workshops

"Maps for Skillfully Navigating RP Classes and Workshops" with Candace Cave and "Relational Practice Building" with Brooke Thomas

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