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  • Bonnie Foote

RP Teacher Community: The results are in (sent as an email 12/15)

Updated: Dec 17, 2023

Dear RP Colleagues,

Thank you so much for filling out our community-building survey. You can click here to see the results. We got 90+ responses, with 40+ offers to volunteer. It looks like we have a community!

Note: If you filled out the survey but didn't see this email in your inbox -- sorry about that! Please check your spam from December 15th, and put our main email addresses (bonnie@ and info@) in your contact list so we can reach your inbox in the future.

It'll take a while to get everything rolling, and especially for us to get in touch with everyone who offered to volunteer. But we do have some updates:

  • Our email group is already launched: the "RP Teacher Network" on Google Groups. Thanks to Jen Finch and Travis Rumsey for rolling it out and serving as managers.

  • Our contact info spreadsheet is live.

  • We're working on online practice teaching and discussions, a monthly newsletter, and a website designed by Brooke Thomas, who produced the beautiful logos you see here.

For now, we have four requests for you:

1) Please SAVE THE DATE for our first online community meeting: February 23, 1-3 pm EST, on Zoom. Sono Hashisaki and Theresa Scott will use Open Space Technology to facilitate a discussion about the Community and what we all want from it.

2) Please check your information in the contact info spreadsheet (see your email for the link). If we need to make any corrections, please contact us. (Note that the formatting for "Other Modalities" is a little clumsy -- sorry about that! We'll work out something better for the next iteration.)

3) Please check whether or not you've been added to our email group (Realization Process Teacher Network) on Google Groups.

If you're wondering, "What's an email group?" (aka "distribution list" or "listserve"):

It's an online forum that gives you choices about how you see the posts. You can choose to check the messages only on the group's webpage, like you would with Facebook Groups or Mighty Networks, or you can receive each post in your email as it comes in, or you can get the posts in batches (so a bunch of posts are all gathered in one message in your inbox). If you're curious, please join us and see if you like it! You can bow out any time.

You can join in one of three ways:

  • If you have a Google account, make sure you're logged in to Google, go to, and click “Accept invite” or “Ask to join group”.

  • If you DON'T have a Google account, or if something just isn't working, email Travis (see your email for his email address) and he’ll add you to the group.

  • If you checked "3" or "4" (VERY interested) on the survey, Travis emailed you an invitation this past Sunday (December 10). You should be able to join from that email. If it's not in your inbox, try looking in your Spam folder.

4) If you can, please donate to help with startup costs.

... and one last request: please stay tuned! We'll have more updates coming soon.

Thanks again -

Bonnie and the Teacher Community team


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